Justice – Bristol Academy 17/02/08

Seeing two french gentlemen so clearly revered by a distinctly English crowd can’t help but speak volumes for the power of good music.

Saturday 17th saw an array of eagerly awaiting youths (at least two of whom paid too much for their tickets, I can safely assure you) bear witness to the public face of the modern wave of french electro and discotheque in a brief 50 minute sermon, in the chasm of Bristol’s own Carling academy.  Bear Witness is one particular turn of phrase appropriate, if you look at their use of iconic Christian imagery (layman’s terms; “they have a bigglowy cross”), and their repeated biblical references in their work (“They have a song called ‘Genesis’ and a song called ‘Lets There Be Light’ and, if you want to labour things, a song called ‘Phantom'”).  But you’d run the risk of overdressing that most pure and simple quality, talent.

I’ve seen Justice twice, once in the south of France in a lovely little beach club that took total advantage of how far away the nearest license was, and now again at the academy.  The first time was a true experience; I literally bled for the sins of every clubber present, in an effort to hold onto my prime position, but got to watch them work their magic as they blended seemingly every genre of note to me; everything Ed Banger, everything Justice,Kavinsky, even that (surprising, admit it) hit Killing In The Name Of (which, I must note, drove the crowd fucking insane).  I knocked a few years off the ol’ life expectancy for the show, but it was more than worth it.

Of course, I’m not just bragging; there was a different note to the performance on this occasion, and I’m hoping the above points are closely tied.  The Justice (or Just-teese as the hoxton hero I met that night in Bath tried to persuade me; “‘Justice?  Who?’ ‘You know, D.A.N.C.E and all that’ ‘OH, you mean Jus-teese.  They’re french’.  Wanker) I saw in France were DJs; good DJs, DJs with their own material, but DJs, pure and simple.  Their mix was eclectic, varied, and skillfully crafted.  Compare this to the academy; I can remember half a song outside their own repertoire being played, and that was a MSTRKRFT remix of D.A.N.C.E.  Not that this impacted quality; undoubtedly this was a great switch up of everything, and brought me to love tracks from the album (‘Cross’, but we’ll avoid that for now) that I’d seen as duds.  And it was wonderful.  And yeah, I wasn’t breathing their C02 as it left their bodies, risking asphyxiation in the process, and that hurt too.  I hardly regret going, and it was probably the best night EVER personally experienced at the Academy.  It was just noticeable that this was a tour to promote an album, and not for the sheer fun of it.  But then that probably was always going to be the case at this stage, so I won’t complain.

Perhaps we could have a new, electro le tricolore.  Liberte, Egalitie, Fraternite and Jus-teece.  The last colour can be neon or something. Yellowy-green probably.


One Response to “Justice – Bristol Academy 17/02/08”

  1. Cherie Says:

    OMG!! It’s “Egalité” not “egalitie”!!!!

    Seriously, you French is shocking!! Hope Paris will do you some good!

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